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About Higher Yields
Cannabis Consulting

We are an international Cannabis consulting firm located in Denver with a passion for cannabis and business

Higher Yields is a cannabis consulting firm that has been successfully serving the commercial cannabis industry since 2008. HYC has developed exceptional garden management systems, business processes, and technical skills as its cornerstone. The company was developed with these components and has maintained its integrity by providing industry expert consultants who have unique combinations of business and professional expertise in the industry. Our marijuana consulting firm has proven over time to be one of the best options for marijuana businesses seeking assistance and advice in this highly competitive industry from garden management to business development and most anything in between. The difference between Higher Yields Consulting and other consulting businesses is our extensive experience in a relatively new industry.

Our thorough understanding and hands-on experience in the industry and the business decisions required in order to become successful from the foundations of the industry are bar none, the best around. When other managers or consultants fall short Higher Yields Cannabis is here as an industry leader with the knowledge and expertise your business requires to get ahead and to continue building as this industry catches fire across the nation.

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Our Team of Canna Advisors


Cory Waggoner

Founder & CEO

Cory an, Illinois native, is the founder and CEO of HYC. Cory has been a true entrepreneur all his working life. He found his groove when he founded HYC in 2015.


Emily Seelman

Senior Technical Writer, Licensing and Legalese

Emily is originally a lawyer from Pittsburgh, now she's a cannabis licensing expert, lucky for us and our clients. Emily speaks legalese and licensing with the best of them. We're very happy to have her on board with Higher Yields Cannabis.


Adam P. Kolbach

Creative Design, Media Production, Podcast Host & The Voice of HYC

One of the newest members of HYC, Adam hails from Philadelphia. A graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, an award winning painter, artist, and musician.


Shannon Bustos

Executive Account Manager & Real Estate

Shannon is originally from the Denver area. She has a Real Estate background which started when she started working for her father. Shannon also has experience managing a dispensary and a family.


Kris Teegardin

Director of Government Relations & The "Mayor"

Kris served as the Mayor of Edgewater, Colorado, and as a City Council Member. He's an expert at working within government frameworks to advance the cannabis industry.


John Valdez

President & Real Estate Director

John, a Denver native, is part owner of HYC and our Real Estate Director. John also enjoys being an entrepreneur and has made a long and successful career of it.


Erik Range

DEI Engineer

Erik is another new team member. We were impressed with his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Erik brings a wide range of skills to our team and seems to have had his hand in everything. His specialty is social equity, and diversification consulting.


Tess Yancey

Event Coordinator & Project Manager

Tess, our youngest team member, is our super awesome Cannabis Event Coordinator and also an up-and-coming project manager and model. She helps us stay organized, well-behaved, and on time. A true asset to the team.


Dionne Carroll

HYC Design and Build Team Engineer

A graduate of Purdue University Dionne is our CAD and blueprint specialist. She entered the cannabis industry to help enact social change. She also loves to help clients realize their design. Dionne also brings a varied skill set.


Derek Porter

Expert in Cannabis Security Services

Derek is our Cannabis Security expert. A veteran of the USMC who uses his knowledge, skillset, and training to protect those in the cannabis industry. He enjoys time with his wife, and daughter, and his two German Shepherds.


Marissa Cortes

Compliance Director & Organizer

Marissa, a Philly native, is our super driven Director of Compliance. Don't let Marissa's smile fool you, when it comes to regulatory compliance, she's all business.


Keith Gigliotti

Director of Marketing, Creative Design, Media Production and Branding

Keith is one of the founders of HYC and their first hire. He has a varied skillset centered around marketing, art & design, branding, and technology. He has a German Shepherd, Emma, who makes sure Keith doesn't forget to eat.


Jesse C. Larson

Design Build Project Manager

Jesse is one of our newest team members. He started in the security field during his time in the US Army and is now our Design Build Manager. Jesse's skillsets allow him to work on multiple HYC teams which makes him a huge asset.


Lilly Davey

Social Media Manager and Professional Support

Lillian aka Lilly helps HYC and our clients succeed on Social Media platforms. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and Central Michigan University now residing in Denver.

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Address 2590 Walnut St., Denver, CO, 80205



Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.


Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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