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At Higher Yields, our expert team of consultants are ready to help you take your cannabusiness from strategic concept to operational excellence. Whether you’re looking for help with a competitive application, designing and building a future-proof grow or extraction facility, or opening a dispensary, our cannabusiness consulting team has you covered.

Tom Waggoner, Chief Operations Officer at Higher Yields Consulting

Since 2014, Tom Waggoner has worked with Higher Yields Consulting to establish the industry as a legitimate addition to the global economy while emphasizing its medical value and supporting recreational programs. Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Tom built a successful career as a leader in three global automotive operations, four small businesses, and in his role as COO for Natural Fiber Welding in Peoria, IL.

HYC’s Cannabusiness Consulting Team - Tom Waggoner

In working with Higher Yields Consulting, you’ll encounter Tom during project kickoffs and occasionally throughout the life of your project with the Higher Yields Team. Most of Tom’s time is spent maximizing operational excellence, leading team logistics, and ensuring projects meet timelines and budgets for seamless project delivery. Behind the scenes, he drives operational efficiency and strategic planning internally as well as for High Yields’ clients and partners.

Tom’s personal journey from skeptic to advocate and his family’s healing journey underscores his dedication to dismantling the stigma around cannabis. After seeing the life changing impact cannabis has had on his wife’s recovery from aggressive brain cancer, Tom envisions a future where the industry is fully legalized on a federal level in the United States. Now, he works to support international collaboration and expand research on cannabis’ full potential as a therapeutic solution to chronic and terminal conditions.

Background & Experience

Tom Waggoner is a seasoned leader with:

  • 25 years of experience in international manufacturing, technology, supply chain, and service parts. 
  • A track record of successfully launching and managing multiple complex organizations, delivering top and bottom-line growth. 
  • Expertise extending to startup ventures, including three global automotive operations, four small businesses, and his role as COO for Natural Fiber Welding in Peoria, IL.

Media & Publications

Tom shares his valuable insights through informative blog posts and other featured media. Dive deeper into industry trends, expert analysis, and valuable perspectives on topics ranging from international manufacturing to the evolving cannabis landscape. 



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