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At Higher Yields, our expert team of consultants are ready to help you take your cannabusiness from strategic concept to operational excellence. Whether you’re looking for help with a competitive application, designing and building a future-proof grow or extraction facility, or opening a dispensary, our cannabusiness consulting team has you covered.

Taylor Evans,
Contract Manager

Meet Taylor Evans, our Contract Manager at Higher Yields. Born and raised in Illinois, Taylor kicked off her professional background managing a dental practice. When her home state legalized adult-use cannabis, she became excited at the opportunity to excel in a new industry that she was passionate about, and soon discovered Higher Yields.

HYC’s Cannabusiness Consulting Team - Taylor Headshot

Taylor acts as the maestra for Higher Yields, serving as the primary point of contact and providing valuable insight to clients as they navigate the consulting process. She expertly matches each client with the solution that will be the best fit for them while taking time to guarantee each detail is executed seamlessly from start to finish.

Her priority is making sure that every client feels heard, understood, and prepared through every step of the consultation process. Taylor’s professionalism, dedication, and expertise ensure we consistently provide high-quality, exceptional service to each of our clients.

We’re excited to have Taylor on board with Higher Yields and look forward to seeing how she’ll continue to enrich our customers’ lives and further our company goals!

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