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At Higher Yields, our expert team of consultants are ready to help you take your cannabusiness from strategic concept to operational excellence. Whether you’re looking for help with a competitive application, designing and building a future-proof grow or extraction facility, or opening a dispensary, our cannabusiness consulting team has you covered.

Shannon Bustos, Growth
Services & Real Estate

Shannon Bustos came into Higher Yields Consulting (HYC) to provide professional support and HYC quickly came to realize how important Shannon was in expediting growth and success. Shannon initially became involved in the marketing aspect of the company, collaborated with the Creative Director to improve internal policies and assisted with out-of-state marketing events. Shannon will lead our National Commercial Cannabis Real Estate Network a real estate resource for anyone in the cannabis industry with a real estate background. Shannon will facilitate networking, education and mentorship for the group to accelerate success within the cannabis and real-estate professions. 

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Shannon will help brokers and developers at a local and global level navigate through the complexity of licensing, property development, branding and financial projects in the cannabis industry. She will identify the best sellers, brokers and buyers for each meeting to present to the group. She will help them develop and provide educational presentations to expand upon knowledge bases to maximize growth in the real estate and cannabis business in Colorado. Further, Shannon will work with our clients online and/or within the Colorado area to negotiate and arrange real estate transactions, write contracts and advise on real estate prices, mortgage and market conditions.

Shannon comes to Higher Yields with previous and ongoing experience in general and cannabis real estate and business endeavors. Shannon has brokered real estate deals specific to the cannabis market navigating complex financing, compliance, regulations and licensing issues that only arise within this niche market. On the residential side, Shannon works closely with real estate investors to ensure successful transactions and success for the client. Shannon also researches, locates and finds properties to restore and then resell. Shannon values her real estate experiences and is excited to continue gaining skills and knowledge within this ever-changing market with HYC. She also understands the cannabis industry from a business perspective as a previous cannabis store manager. Shannon managed multiple stores with The Clinic, a cannabis business in Colorado, ensuring staffing, inventory, standard operating procedures and compliance at all times. These efforts awarded The Clinic with the coveted Cannabis Cup Award and is the most awarded dispensary cannabis business in Colorado. Shannon also has experience in the culinary profession, from business management to culinary production and is specifically trained in traditional French Cuisine. Shannon has cultivated the skills she attained in the culinary profession to the real estate and cannabis industry. Planning, organizing, purchase and preparation are of utmost importance. The food and cannabis industry facilitate a culture of creativity, positivity and well-being that Shannon looks to capture for the clients of HYC. Shannon is working to continue these philosophies as she moves forward within the cannabis business in Colorado and the exciting real-estate market.

Shannon values her children. She has a son whom she can physically hold and a daughter whose memory is always with her. Shannon finds joy in providing volunteer services with a chapter of Compassionate Care, an organization that supports families throughout the grieving process of child loss. Shannon provides an ability to connect with people no matter where they are in their journey. Shannon is excited to navigate this new experience with Higher Yields Cannabis.

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