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At Higher Yields, our expert team of consultants are ready to help you take your cannabusiness from strategic concept to operational excellence. Whether you’re looking for help with a competitive application, designing and building a future-proof grow or extraction facility, or opening a dispensary, our cannabusiness consulting team has you covered.

Brent Vogt, Senior
Project Manager

Since 1997, Brent Vogt has been leading construction, operations, and engineering teams in complex industrial projects around the globe. Vogt’s expertise in engineering, construction, project management, and international logistics enable him to bring a higher caliber of efficiency and finesse to projects, either as the Senior Project Manager or as a consultant.

Projects don’t run as smoothly as people do. I decipher information,
understand challenges, and overcome them to move the project forward.

– Brent Vogt

HYC’s Cannabusiness Consulting Team - Brent Headshot

Vogt’s most notable professional contributions include: 

  • Managing successful projects of up to $1 billion to completion
  • Managing teams of up to 300 direct and indirect reports
  • Serving as Project Manager in a wide variety of industries, including industrial cleaning, nuclear power, utilities, and food processing
  • Leading projects at more than 80 sites in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the United States
  • Navigating the unique challenges for organizations in government, public sector, and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies.

Vogt is on a personal mission to execute every project he takes on with respect, excellence, clarity, and profitability for his client. On a professional level, his mission is to elevate the businesses he touches by building foundations and facilities that can support great impact, innovation, and inspiration.

Background & Experience

Brent Vogt has been swinging a hammer since he was 12 years old. Under the mentorship of his father, a mason in rural Minnesota, Vogt honed his trade skills from an early age. Not only did he learn every facet of construction hands-on, but also he learned how to (and how not to) lead a team.

After earning his Associate of Applied Science degree in the US Air Force and serving as a non-commissioned officer in the Air National Guard for seven years, Vogt went on to serve as a field engineer, project engineer, and quality engineer around the United States and overseas.

By 2009, Vogt was managing large-scale international construction and engineering projects in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the United States. While furthering his professional experience and managing teams of up to 300, Vogt continued his education earning a BA in Management from Saint John’s University, an MS in Design and Construction from Northwestern University, an MBA from Boise State University, and an MS in Marketing from The University of Alabama.

Higher Yields Consulting’s Senior Project Manager

At Higher Yields Consulting, Vogt serves as our Senior Project Manager. With his vast expertise in coordinating international projects, Vogt supports the design of HYC’s facility systems and directly oversees the construction of our cultivation, extraction, and retail projects. 

Vogt also supports the evolution and data-driven improvements of our systems by being an innovator of our team and a leader in the industry. He brings experience and calm to stressful, multi-million dollar commercial developments. Vogt’s construction and military background make him a perfect fit to the HYC team and an invaluable member of our leadership.

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