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At Higher Yields, our expert team of consultants are ready to help you take your cannabusiness from strategic concept to operational excellence. Whether you’re looking for help with a competitive application, designing and building a future-proof grow or extraction facility, or opening a dispensary, our cannabusiness consulting team has you covered.

Adam P. Kolbach, Media Production & Podcast Host

Graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Adam P. Kolbach oversees media output at Higher Yields Consulting (HYC). Adam’s primary focus is in video content development, podcast production, animation creation and cannabis education. Adam and HYC share a common mission: to enlighten the cannabis community through research, education, wit and humor. Videos and podcasts serve a higher purpose at HYC and are part of the Higher Enlightment Learning Initiative. Adam works to develop content relevant to the changing cannabis landscape, interview industry insiders and lead discussions with cannabis experts to impact the most influential contributors to the cannabis industry … you. 

HYC’s Cannabusiness Consulting Team - Adam Headshot

Adam collaborates with the design team regarding animation use and branding concepts to deliver a cohesive message, insightful research and truthful content to HYC’s clients.

Adam comes to HYC from Hollywood. He was a Production Assistant in major films such as True Lies. He has provided insightful marketing and branding expertise to the Hollywood music industry, as well as providing over 120 album cover designs. He prides himself on being able to produce a wide array of audiovisual content that spans from music to 3D animation to video productions and everything in-between. Adam enjoys art no matter the application and is also an award-winning painter. Adam doesn’t believe in working up the ladder per se. He believes in hard work, absolutely. But this work needs to be attained intrinsically, independently and through a simple formula. You want it + you do it = done.

Adam intends to use his creative mindset and artful skillset to further advance the cannabis industry. Adam hopes to impact public perception and private insight through his productions to further the credibility of the cannabis profession. Adam believes that media can be a powerful tool but must be used thoughtfully and with the best of intentions. Adam is hopeful that his contributions to HYC’s Higher Enlightment initiative will give people hope and help. He will strive to positively shape the future of the cannabis industry through his work with HYC.

Adam is also in a band. But, not just any band, the oldest (forty + years!) surviving punk band in Philadelphia known as DECONTROL! If that’s not enough of a cool factor, Adam is also an avid motorcyclist who has owned twenty-five Harleys (don’t worry, he also appreciates other makes and models). Adam is excited to be with HYC!

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