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A Marketing Guide
to Cannabis Social Media

How Higher Yields Consulting Can Help
Your Cannabis Social Media Marketing Efforts

Up until a few years ago, cannabis and social media didn’t mix well; users were confused as to whether they should be sharing cannabis-related content, while sellers and merchants didn’t have convenient outlets to promote their products.

We help convert your leads into long-term customers through social distribution.

Things still look somewhat grim, even though numerous states have relaxed legislation and now allow cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Nonetheless, there are still tight restrictions regarding cannabis advertising. This makes it necessary for sellers to turn to a cannabis marketing company, like Higher Yields Consulting, to manage their cannabis social media platforms.

Cannabis Social Media

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Cannabis Social Media Restrictions

Leading authorities used blanket approaches to restrict content that promotes the use of cannabis, while advertising and social media outlets decided to stay on the side of caution. However, you may have wondered the full scale of these restrictions on cannabis social media.

No Cannabis Advertising Online

For starters, cannabis sellers can’t advertise their products online. On Facebook, for instance, the Prohibited Ads policy restricts explains that ads can’t promote activities or promote products that are deemed illegal. This includes cannabis advertising.

Most importantly, they must not promote the sale of drugs, whether they’re for medical or recreational purposes. Essentially, this can target cannabis sellers in the worst way possible. When we utilize our marketing services to help businesses with social media, we must craft an ad strategy without the use of images and depictions of selling cannabis.

This can be detrimental for a cannabis-based business, mainly because cannabis advertising online is an affordable way of increasing engagement and revenue. This goes to show that even when certain states are taking a step in the right direction, social media platforms are using prohibitionist tactics just because the federal government has failed to adopt relaxed policies.

It’s why consulting with us, at Higher Yields Consulting, is important to improve upon your social media presence. We are a cannabis marketing company that’s fluent on all cannabis advertising regulations.

Post Scheduling Restrictions

Cannabis social media marketers must navigate through complex obstructions and deal with a lack of clear guidelines while leveraging social media for cannabis to increase engagement among the audience. Promoting the use of sale of cannabis in any way is illegal under the Schedule 1 Substance Act.

Things tend to get tricky when targeting an audience on social media because unlike television, you can’t run ads in between sessions when you’re sure that at least thirty percent of your target audience is watching.

As a result, ad targeting becomes much more difficult for a cannabis brand that has no specific audience and wants to reach people outside the immediate range of customers and potential customers.

Develop a Cannabis Marketing Plan
for Social Media

A cannabis brand’s online marketing team need to adapt a well-planned cannabis marketing plan to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

Developing a cannabis marketing plan for social media will involve pure organic growth. It will also entail a knowledge awareness of the industry’s regulations and staying clear of false claims.

This can seem like quite the challenge for someone without the same skills as us, at High Yields Consulting, but falling back on the right channels can be beneficial for increasing followers.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Marketing Company

Despite the various online forums that you can join to increase traction, you’ll still need professional help in order to gain organic search results and leads. Although it is necessary to create a cannabis marketing plan for all social media platforms, it’s not the only solution to gaining an online presence.

It’s why you will need to find an expert at cannabis social media from a cannabis marketing company. Our team of skilled online marketers can craft unique social media personas that attract visitors and leads at Higher Yields Consulting.


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Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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