5 Reasons to Partner With Cannabis Executive Recruiters for Business Development

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Like the cannabis industry itself, many cannabusiness owners are new and full of potential. But with that lack of experience comes uncertainty, growing pains, and missteps. One mistake new cannabusiness owners often make is not working with cannabis executive recruiters when hiring for leadership positions. 

As a result, cannabusiness staff often have a high turnover rate, little diversity, and a shallow understanding of the cannabis industry, especially since most of the people hired come into cannabis from other industries. 

Higher Yields Consulting 5 Reasons to Partner With Cannabis Executive Recruiters for Business Development

Because the cannabis industry is so young, trying to apply advice from decades- or centuries-old industries just doesn’t work. To hire the best people for your cannabusiness, you need expert advice from professionals who have cannabis-specific experience and understanding. 

Read on to learn more about cannabis executive recruiters and the value they offer both cannabusiness owners and prospective employees.

What Are Cannabis Executive Recruiters?

At face value, the term “cannabis executive recruiters” is actually a bit misleading. Human relations (HR) in general is much more than just staffing and recruiting — it’s also human capital management. 

With unique skill sets and industry-specific experience, these professionals provide valuable insight and resources for cannabusiness owners and employees alike. Thus, a more appropriate term, especially within the cannabis industry, might be “business development partners.”

Cannabis executive recruiters don’t just place applicants in jobs for the sake of placing them. They seek to insert the right people in the right place at the right time, with an eye for both where the industry has been and where it’s going. 

5 Benefits of Having a Business Development Partner

As valuable business development partners, cannabis executive recruiters should be chosen carefully — and shouldn’t be underestimated. Here are five business development benefits these professionals bring to the table. 

Social Networks

Who your recruiter knows is everything. Solid networks are hard to find and easy to lose, and you need someone who can give you an inside look at who’s hiring, who’s about to leave their position, and why. 

Someone with well-established relationships and firsthand experience in the industry will know which applicants are likely to stay with you long term and become an asset to the culture of your cannabusiness. Instead of selecting someone just to fill a position, they’ll choose the person who’s exactly the right fit for the role. 

Likewise, from an applicant’s perspective, good cannabis executive recruiters will know where best to place you so both you and that business can thrive. 

Career Development Support

Due to high turnover, most cannabis companies don’t have established career paths. Many don’t even have a solid mission, vision, or values, so all too often applicants are placed in positions purely based on their titles, not on who they are as individuals.

Plenty of recruiters know how to guide applicants in crafting an effective resume. But the best cannabis executive recruiters go beyond the resume, taking the time to get to know each applicant and the unique value each can bring, both to the industry at large and to specific organizations, over time. 

Higher Yields Consulting 5 Reasons to Partner With Cannabis Executive Recruiters for Business Development

As a result, they’re able to support applicants by helping them tweak their resumes to fit certain positions and guiding them to improve their online presence, prepare for interviews, and find a place where they’ll want to grow. 

Cultural Understanding of the Cannabis Industry

Currently, the cannabis industry is an applicant’s — not an employer’s — market. Job seekers have time and incentive to be choosy about perks, salary, and the like. But knowing which job will be a good fit long-term isn’t always so cut and dried. 

Good cannabis executive recruiters can help you navigate this new and evolving industry. Not only do they take the time to get to know you and your unique skill set, but they also understand how the industry works and what you can and should expect. 

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cannabusiness applicants to be coaxed into accepting a position based on empty promises of a raise that never happens, or to end up with a salary much lower than anticipated. 

That’s why it’s so important to have someone with industry experience walking you through every step of the process. And it’s even more important for that person to be committed to the success of both the applicants and the organizations hiring them. 

Diversified Opportunities

Most people come into this industry with a very narrow view of what jobs and other opportunities are available. Not only are there a variety of roles a person can fit in — from marketing to construction to real estate — but also geographically, positions are starting to open up all over the world. 

To be successful in cannabis, you need a strong passion for the industry, and that passion can’t just be rooted in how much money you’ll make. Think big — the cannabis industry is growing, and it’s ripe with potential for opportunities that you may not see in other, more mature industries.

Good cannabis executive recruiters understand this. Because they’re in tune with what’s going on both domestically and worldwide, they can help you explore diverse opportunities you may not even realize exist. 

Positioning Your Value

We as humans tend to be our own worst critics. While many applicants want to get positions that require more experience, insight, or education, they often hesitate to brag about themselves on their resumes. That’s where cannabis executive recruiters come in. 

A good recruiter is responsible for presenting the candidate in the best manner possible. Whether that’s tailoring the resume to a specifically defined position or making the applicant’s personality and creativity shine will depend on the desired role, and the right recruiter will be able to present the candidate’s value accordingly. 

Beyond Recruiting

Effective cannabis executive recruiters do far more than just recruit — they function as business development partners, ensuring the right people are hired for the right positions at the right time. 

In such a new industry, expert guidance from people in the know can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. Don’t try to go it alone — rely on professionals with experience and deep understanding of this industry.

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