Halloween Cannabis Strains and Horror Movies

halloween cannabis

Halloween Cannabis Strains and Horror Movies

Halloween and harvest have a long history with the American culture, dating back to our very foundations as a new colony and eventually an independent country. They’re as American as apple pie at this point, and recently they’ve been joined by a new legal crop that was also a part of our foundation, cannabis. Cannabis sativa with low THC content, also known as hemp, was a staple in the New World, something to be traded and celebrated, a tool to help colonists survive and even thrive in the early days of what was to become the USA. As we all know somewhere along the way this wonderful plant was demonized and criminalized for political and financial gain. A little over a decade ago that all changed as legal cannabis started spreading across the USA once again.

Halloween also has a long history in this country, and most certainly came to us as new colonists and eventually citizens brought with them their cultures’ traditions. From the Celtic Samhain and All Hallows Eve Halloween eventually evolved into the mainstream pop culture of the United States. Many of us have fond memories of trick or treating and binge-watching horror movies, some of us even had to suffer through a whole year to see them. Thankfully we have a gazillion streaming services now and can view our favorite horror movies year-round. Halloween has brought with it many traditions, but none seemed have stuck with me as long as horror cinema has.

We decided to have a little fun this year in honor of the biggest cannabis harvest season yet. We’ve compiled a list of cannabis strains that could have been inspired by Halloween. We picked through hundreds of strains to come up with a list, and we’ve also suggested an appropriate horror movie for each strain on the list. Truth be told we could have made 10 of these lists, which means this will be a yearly tradition here at Higher Yields Cannabis.

Halloween Strains and a Movie! Two of my favorite things. I can fondly remember the first time I saw “The Thing”, and also the first time I got high. Both have also influenced my work as a creative professional and brought great enjoyment to my life.

We hope you enjoy the video and yell at us for leaving off “The Exorcist”. We at Higher Yields Cannabis wish all of you a successful and bountiful harvest season and a Happy Halloween.

Reap what you sow! Be safe and enjoy the season with family and friends.

The Youtube version can be found here.

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