METRC Compliance

METRC Compliance

METRC Compliance

Why METRC Compliance Services?

METRC stands for marijuana enforcement tracking reporting compliance. Remaining compliant with METRC  is one of the most important aspects of your cannabis business. A wise man once said, “If you are going to play the game, you must first know the rules.” This sentiment applies to cannabis compliance as well, knowing the rules is the first thing that needs to be done but is often the most daunting. Some cannabis businesses are so far out of regulation with Compliance that one random inspection by MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) could spell disaster for a dispensary owner’s investment and could even result in a pulled cannabis license. Due to this, METRC Certification and Training are a high priority investment for any successful cannabis business and having experts in METRC consulting on your team can ensure this investment is successful.

Tracking cannabis products and understanding how to properly use the METRC system or whichever seed to sale system your state requires (such as BioTrack) can be an overwhelming task. With constant tracking system updates and all of the technology that integrates with METRC, including unique identifiers like RFID tags and scanners, point of sale software, and track and trace systems, adequate METRC training and education is a must, and failing to do so can result in catastrophe. Higher Yields can provide you with the peace of mind you seek with our METRC Certification and Training services.

It’s Never A Bad Time To Seek Out METRC Compliance Training and Certification Services

Our METRC experts can help your cannabis dispensary get back on top of your game, increase your supply chain efficiency, and provide tip top METRC training for your team to make sure you remain compliant. Marijuana Consultants can get pricey when called into these METRC reconciliation situations. Even a little preventive maintenance up front can help avoid common pitfalls down the line. Often times, one small mistake in supply chain data entry can cause a snowball effect, and a small mistake suddenly jeopardizes entire operations. A good Marijuana Compliance Consultant will help prevent these mistakes and be up-to-date on current issues. Bringing in someone who knows the rules can save your business money, time, and serious heartache.


Higher Yields Is Your Choice For METRC Compliance Services

The newness of the cannabis industry makes it hard to identify issues when rules are so subjective. Knowing someone familiar with the details, with a vision of the road ahead, and the software solutions is invaluable to a business when MED stops by for a METRC or Seed-to-Sale Audit.


Whether compliance worries have you lying awake at night or MED is knocking on your door, contact the professionals at Higher Yields Consulting for your METRC training and officer placement.

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