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Our cannabis industry experts work closely with your business by providing consulting services such as licensing, real estate, cultivation management, financial plans, facility design-build services, branding, marketing, compliance, banking access, and more. Higher Yields has decades of combined experience working closely with clients in the marijuana industry.

The medical and recreational marijuana markets are complex, ever-changing, and full of pitfalls that experts can help your business navigate. Protect your investment with the know-how of professional marijuana business development consulting services.


The marijuana industry is a new market with mountains of opportunity and constantly evolving regulations. Most dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and extraction labs that are entering the market are going to need access to marijuana business services offered by industry experts to run a successful business. Investing in professional marijuana consultants to fill gaps is smart business.

Higher Yields is one of the world’s premier cannabis consulting firms and is recognized for their vertically integrated marijuana and hemp business solutions. Don’t go it alone, hire a marijuana consulting team so your cannabis-related business can leverage the competition and thrive.

Cannabis Startup Services

Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting offers a full range of services to help your startup build a solid foundation to help your cannabis business succeed long-term.

Cannabis Facility Design-Build

Our team of consultants has designed and built over 3 million square feet of cannabis facilities both in the USA and internationally.

Cannabis Marketing and Branding

Our in-house marketers and designers have decades of combined experience in promoting businesses and creating brands. both within and outside the cannabis industry.

Growth and Scaling Services

Many successful cannabusinesses will look to expand their operations, Higher Yields has a full team of consultants who can help your marijuana or hemp related business scale to it's full potential.

Cannabis Licensing

Higher Yields’ marijuana license consultants offer industry leading licensing support for marijuana-related businesses all over the USA and internationally. Do you have questions about the application process of licensing your business, do you need help in applying for a cannabis business license? We have marijuana real estate services to improve your chances of acquiring a license as well. If you have any questions or concerns our initial consultation is free. Get started today.

100+ License Applications

Our team of expert application writers has worked on over 100 cannabis license applications.

Domestic and International Cannabis Licensing

Higher Yields has worked on regulations and marijuana licensing in over 25 states across the USA, and in more than 10 countries internationally, like Mexico and Canada to name a few.

Awarded cannabis Licenses in 13+ Merit-Based States

Our consultants have competed in and won licenses in some of the most competitive states across the United States.

real estate


Looking for the perfect cannabis property to scale your business? Are you looking to get into the business? Higher Yields team of cannabis real estate agents and brokers are here to help you. We will be offering properties all over the USA and even internationally. Our marijuana real estate consultants have decades of experience in both the residential and commercial real estate markets. On July 1st we will be launching our cannabis properties portal to help those looking for the perfect property to build their recreational or medical marijuana business. Higher Yields is your choice for 420 friendly real estate.

Cannabis Compliance and METRC

A thorough understanding of regulatory cannabis compliance and seed-to-sale software is vital to a compliant and efficient operation. Higher Yields’ consultants have helped discover and rectify thousands of retail, cultivation, and extraction lab discrepancies. Invest in HYC and empower your grow, lab, or store with the invaluable industry knowledge of Metrc compliance!

Peace of Mind

Marijuana business compliance services help achieve peace of mind by establishing accuracy, consistency, and transparency in the heavily regulated and quickly evolving international market.

METRC Services

Stop fretting over potential compliance audits that could result in fines and/or suspension; Higher Yields Consulting’s seed-to-sale compliance training and reconciliation services will equip your staff and ownership with the knowledge necessary to ensure your greatest asset, your license!

optimize your cannabis business

Our highly qualified compliance team will analyze your seed-to-sale system, identify issues, correct errors, and train your staff on proven methods that will lessen Metrc discrepancies over time.

Empower Your Staff

HYC will save your business time, money, and worry through continued customer support. Unlike other consulting firms, our goal is to empower your staff, training employees to navigate Metrc and handle future errors with ease and confidence.


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Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.


Schedule a Free initial consultation

Whether you’d like to schedule a free initial consultation or you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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